Chicago Residential CCTV, Chicago Residential Security System

VoDo Tech Inc. is  the best Chicago security control systems company located in Chicago, Illinois. We offer indoor and outdoor video surveillance and card access control systems to protect your property and employees. Our company working over 12 years on Chicago market include installing, maintaining, and repairing monitoring systems. Our professional team has experience to install from one to one hundred cameras on the same network depending on the size of your property and your needs.

Chicago Surveillance Systems

VoDo Tech Inc. can offer a wide variety of CCTV (security camera) solutions for you including:

  • IP (network) camera solutionsChicago Residential CCTV, Chicago Residential Security System, Chicago Digital Surveillance
  • standard DVR systems for general recording
  • Video Analytics (intelligent video)
  • POS (point o sale) data capture and integration
  • HVR (Hosted video recording) systems

In our company we are using only quality product with few years of guarantee. Our catalog include offer solutions for small to large businesses, parking garages, warehousing, transportation and municipalities.

Chicago Digital Surveillance

Chicago Retail Stores Monitoring:

Here are some of the major benefits of the Chicago surveillance digital video over the analog systems:

  • Nonstop recording video
  • Simultaneous Record, Playback and Archive
  • Improved image quality
  • All data stored on digitally on hard drive
  • Multiplexing capabilities
  • Less maintenance, less equipment [picture of DVR=VCR+multiplexer+sth]
  • Fast and easy to use search and playback options
  • User friendly operations

We are providing digital video surveillance systems for great price and to prevent criminal activity and inappropriate behavior. Everything activities are stored in a digital form on a hard drive. Each customer has his own system custom built to meet the needs and budget of every single customer.
You don't have to take care about tapes or spend hours to search what you need. Chicago Surveillance offers a great feature of remote viewing. The latest systems are compatible with PDA devices.