Chicago CCTV

We are professional Chicago CCTV Company working on Chicago market for many years. We offer only high quality products to ensure a long system life. Our business solutions for small to large businesses, parking garages, warehousing, transportation and municipalities.
We are offering a wide variety of Chicago CCTV (security camera) solutions for you including:
  • Chicago IP (network) camera solutions
  • Chicago Video Analytics (intelligent video)
  • Chicago Standard DVR systems for general recording
  • Chicago POS (point o sale) data capture and integration

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  • Chicago HVR (Hosted video recording) systems

Chicago CCTV Camera

If you are thinking about purchasing cameras and a recording system from your local hardware of discount store? there is really hard to find quality systems capture video at a high enough resolution to be used as evidence if a crime were committed. Our company offer perfect solution for your small business. It is a HVR solution called Secure-i.

Sometimes you are consider about financial loss is due to employee theft. We can help control this by integrating video with your POS. This system will help you to search video by time, date, No Sale, Cancel, Returns/Refunds and transaction amount.

Chicago Monitoring Warehousing: Make sure your cargo safe and secure. It can cost your company many millions of dollars. Track when and how shipments left using high resolution video. We can install for you during few hour full system of control your company and keep you business clean and safe.
Chicago Monitoring Parking garages: Chicago Monitoring System will help you capture plate information for your records so license plate capture system can be incorporated.

Municipalities: Our company will help you with any issues even if it is mobile solution for your squad cars. We also providing surveillance at landmarks, public buildings, municipal and all viewable from your network.

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